• Guests to the Shrine have the opportunity to light candles representing prayer intentions. These candles can be burned for any duration from one month up to a year. The intentions are prayed over by our staff and kept before the Relics of the Saints. In addition, they are remembered by our staff and guests in our Mid-day Prayer, Mass, and by our Adoration Guild.

    Candles are $4.00 each per week. This donation covers the Shrine's candle cost.

  • Rose's Candle Testimony

    "I purchased a candle for the intention of my daughter, Gabrielle, for blessings on her summer program applications for 2020. Last year at that time, she applied for several very competitive summer programs that were elite and could help her with her college admission applications if she got accepted. She applied to Joyce Ivy Scholars, Quest Bridge Scholars program and lastly the most prestigious Yale Young Global Scholars. Starting in May that year (approximately a month after I had the prayer candle lit), she got accepted into all of these elite academic programs. These summer programs were a great blessing and also paved the way for my daughter being offered in 2021, 5 full tuition scholarships to several different universities. I thank God for the intercession of the holy saints. I have no doubt that it was because of this prayer candle along with having a holy Mass said for my daughter once a month, that it moved God to bless her with not only the prestigious summer program acceptances but also the full ride scholarship she received this year to Purdue University on the Beerings Scholarship. Thank you Maria Stein for your ministry. The prayers of the church are most powerful especially the Holy Mass and the intercession of God's saints."

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