Holy Moments

  • When the Pilgrim Gift Shop and Museum were closed to the public due to restrictions, the chapels remained open for individuals to experience time praying and just being with the relics of the Saints. Recently, Dave Wolters of Maria Stein shared what the Shrine means to him and how it has benefited him during this unprecedented time. Can I share his “aha holy moment” with you?

    When our world slowed down, it allowed Dave time to enjoy a book about the lives of the Saints. Dave had put Saints up on pedestals and was often too intimidated to ask them to intercede for his needs. But the more he studied; Dave began to learn that Saints are ordinary people. Some did not start out as model citizens but chose to take their earthly challenges to Christ and turn them into holy moments. Read more...

  • “Holy moments” occur when we make time for Jesus and for those moments we simply allow time for Him to love us and help us.